Fertility / Infertility Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Increasing research interest and publicity in this area now provides much support for acupuncture as an effective treatment for infertility. Traditional acupuncture is known to:
• improve the success rates of IVF 
• lower stress levels and reduce the damaging effects of stress on hormones 
• help normalise ovulation and regulate menstrual cycles 
• improve ovarian function, encourage follicle growth & improve quality 
• improve the lining of the uterus 
• increase blood flow to the reproductive organs 
• reduce miscarriages 
• lessen side effects of medications used in assisted reproductive techniques 
• balance immune system functioning 

Acupuncture is an option for infertility whether you are using high tech fertility treatments or if you want to take a more natural approach. The more you can do to improve your overall chances in percentage terms, the better. When combining Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine, the results can be even more successful and quicker. Each case is always different and I always make my treatment recommendations after a full and thorough consultation. It is common for me to see patients initially for fertility acupuncture and then when it is appropriate, to introduce herbs to progress the treatment further.

As a traditional professional acupuncturist, I know that the strength of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine lies in its individual, holistically-focussed approach to each and every case. Preparation for pregnancy - irrespective of whether it happens naturally or with help from IVF - is vital and this is truly where Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel. 

Your lifestyle and dietary factors are also always taken into account. Various factors such as smoking, alcohol and caffeine play a significant role in damaging fertility. A central aspect of my treatment approach is to interpret the unique effect of these and other factors on each individual according to Chinese medical theory and to encourage and support practices that eliminate or minimise their impact, and maximise your chances of a successful conception. I give full advice on dietary habits and nutrition that will improve pre-conceptual health following the traditions of Chinese dietary therapy.

Frequency & Length of Treatment

Clearly the overall aim is always to bring the body and mind back into normal healthy functioning, as quickly as possible. However, acupuncture and herbs are not a "quick fix" and I always give realistic guidelines to each person as to how long they should expect to receive treatment based upon their own circumstances following our first meeting.

When I see someone for the first time, we agree a treatment plan together following my assessment of all factors. I always provide a guide to how often treatments are needed and for how long, with regular reviews during the treatment course. Herbal medicine can be very useful at providing ongoing, internal medicine whilst not receiving acupuncture, this allows treatments to go on throughout a woman's cycle even if she is not able to attend for acupuncture at the optimum time of her cycle. The initial treatment will include a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill in, along with instructions and advice on recording all aspects of your cycle.

In fertility treatment, a common question I get asked is "How long will it take?" Although each case is different, a reasonable guide is that it is often between 6 - 9 months. Treatments are given on a weekly basis initially for around 6 weeks, we then space them out to fortnightly, depending again on the individual case. Pregnancy cannot be forced, the time spent using acupuncture and herbs to prepare the body for conception ensures that the conditions are as optimal as possible for it to take place and perhaps more importantly for it to be a healthy, sustainable pregnancy when it happens. 

To book your consultation to discuss your treatment plan, please contact the clinic directly either via the phone numbers provided, or via the 'Contact Us' button on the left hand menu.