Mrs N's Story - Assisted IVF with Acupuncture & Chinese herbs 2012


"After 2 distressing years of trying for a baby, undergoing many invasive tests and a failed round of IVF, my husband and I were told we had 'unexplained fertility'. I followed up a friend's recommendation to visit the Urban Body Balance Clinic after she had received treatment for back pain and saw that another of their specialisms was assistance in fertility treatment. I had received acupunture in the past for stress and responded well so decided to make an appointment. I saw Chris at the clinic who started my treatment by taking a detailed history of any tests I had undergone plus any other relevant medical history that might be affecting my chances of conceiving. I began a second round of IVF just as I started treatment at the clinic and wanted to maximise my chances of conceiving by getting my body as receptive as I could to carry a baby.

Chris' knowledge of factors affecting fertility really impressed me and I left each treatment feeling more positive about my situation and excited at the prospect of a pregnancy. Urban Body Balance created a safe comfortable environment in which I could discuss my concerns and emotions during my treatment which I genuinely feel helped keep me calm throughout. Aside from acupuncture, Chris had extensive knowledge on temperature charting, something which I didn't see as important before, but used in conjunction with acupuncture, gives a picture of your menstrual health and whether any changes, even slight, are occurring following acupuncture which can have a huge impact on conception chances.

I received regular treament from Urban Body Balance throughout my IVF treatment and was overwhelmed with delight when we found out I was expecting. I continued treatment in the early weeks of my pregnancy to help with morning sickness and to keep my body as balanced as possible.

Our beautiful healthy daughter is now 7 weeks old and I still can't believe how lucky we have been to have her.

I truly believe my acupunture treatment played a vital role in finally achieving a pregnancy and express my sincere thanks to Chris for his advice, support and treatment".

Mrs N - 2012