During Pregnancy

The use of Acupuncture during pregnancy

The use of acupuncture during pregnancy is increasingly popular, precisely for one reason, it works! It is an ideal therapy at this extra special time and there is increasing research evidence highlighting the clinical benefits that it brings. 
It can treat conditions that are often seen as part of normal pregnancy and here are some of the common complaints women choose acupuncture and the urban Body balance clinic for help with:
 • Morning sickness and pregnancy nausea
• Backache, sciatica, carpal tunnel, cramps
• Pelvic pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction 
• Indigestion, heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation 
• Malpresentation including breech 
• Anxiety, insomnia, stress, tiredness
I believe that the treatments that I provide, not only help to improve the quality of your life, but can prevent conditions from becoming more serious.