The Urban Body Balance Clinic


The Urban Body Balance Clinic is fully equiped for all treatment requirements.We have easy access, ground floor premises, with lots of free parking facilities. Our treatment rooms are fitted with fully adjustable treatment couches and we have waiting areas in both treatment rooms and in reception.

What to expect during a treatment

An Urban Body Balance (UBB) practitioner combines traditional oriental medicine with Western researched techniques, working gently with the body, unlike other medical techniques which may force the body to make a correction.

Oriental & Western medicine combined
While conventional medicine is preferred in the treatment of trauma and emergencies, practitioners at the clinic use a multidisciplinary approach excelling in the diagnosis & treatment of the many integrated systems of the body. By understanding the complicated balance of these systems we acheive a fast and in-depth return to health & wellbeing.

Using the best of the following treatment systems -

Traditional Massage, Tuina, & Sports Massage

Chinese Bodywork Therapy - Tuina - This is Oriental Physio-Therapy that has been used in China for over 2000 years. Tuina uses the traditional Chinese medical theroy of the flow of Qi through the meridians as its basic theraputic orientation. It covers assessment, diagnosis, dry & oil based massage, mobilisations and manipulations.
Sports Massage is an oil based massage, can be light, medium or heavy. We specialise in pre-event, maintenance and post-event (soap & ice) massage, to keep even weekend athletes fully functioning.



Acupuncture - Fine needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate specific points called acupoints. Acupuncture has been used for over 3000 years in China as a major part of their primary health care system. In modern times, it is used for prevention of, and treatment of diseases and for the relief of pain.



Acupressure - Based on the principals of acupuncture. This ancient Chinese technique involves the use of finger pressure (rahter than needles) at specific points along the body to treat ailments such as arthritis, tension and stress, aches and pains, and menstrual cramps. This system is also used for general preventive health care.

Positional Release Therapy

Positional Release Therapy (Cranial Sacral balancing & Qi Gung)- Myofascial release therapy and Cranial Sacral balancing seeks to free the body from the grip to tight fascia or connective tissue, as well as evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system. Using a soft touch the UBB practitioner releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the function of the nervous system. Myofascial release is used to treat many conditions that dont respond to a heavy touch.

Cupping & Moxibustion 

Glass jars are used as an aid to massage. By creating a vacuum the jars can be applied to the body where they stimulate blood and body fluid movement, muscular stimulation and internal organ function.


Amno Fu - Deep Organ Massage

Amno Fu massage - This is an oil based deep massage on the abdomen area.Often muscle weakness, body, and emotional disorders, are caused by internal organ dysfunction. This can be caused by torsions in the abdomen affecting normal perastatic, blood and body fluid movements. Often used in the treatment of stress, chronic fatigue, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome to name but a few issues that this fantastic treatment can help.

Anchoring & Clearing

Psychology (Maximising peoples potential) - Changing psychological restrictions that impact our health and wellbeing, leading to reduced performance and productivity, illness and injury. Clearing phobias and memory trauma to move on in life.